We are SIPS.

The Society for Interdisciplinary Placebo Studies (SIPS) is an international association with the goal of understanding placebo and nocebo effects and their translation into healthcare and related fields. 

Our mission is to facilitate dissemination of high-quality research and theoretical frameworks concerning placebo and nocebo effects, to promote interdisciplinary collaboration on placebo and nocebo effects and to increase stakeholder engagements (e.g. patient forums, general public) and to nurture career developments and to encourage diversity and inclusion in the field. Our goals are to foster research into mechanisms underlying placebo and nocebo effects and to support the development of ethically acceptable approaches and policies to harness the placebo effects and minimize nocebo effects.

We aim to accomplish these goals by developing a web-based contact list for members, maintaining a listserve that will provide an efficient means for sharing ideas or raising questions within our scholarly community, and promoting international conferences at which new research results and theoretical ideas can be presented. We also seek to promote empirical, conceptual, and ethical understanding of the placebo effect among academic researchers, healthcare professionals, and the public.


Andrea Evers

SIPS President

University of Leiden, Netherlands


Luana Colloca

SIPS Secretary-Treasurer

University of Maryland Baltimore, USA

SIPS Founding Members

  • Charlotte Blease
  • Luana Colloca
  • Andrea Evers
  • Lene Vase
  • Jens Gaab
  • John Kelley
  • Irving Kirsch
  • Bruce Wampold

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